Unemployment Insurance Navigator Program

The Unemployment Insurance (UI) system is intended to provide temporary support to workers when they lose their job through no fault of their own. Unfortunately, many marginalized or vulnerable workers may not know they are eligible to receive benefits or how to apply.

To address this issue, the UMOS Unemployment Insurance Navigator Program provides guidance during application, advocates on claimants’ behalf when processing problems occur, and help answer questions regarding eligibility or benefits. This guidance is provided by UMOS UI Navigators to residents of Wisconsin.

The UI Navigators serve as liaisons with Department of Workforce Development UI personnel so that delays, errors, or misunderstandings are resolved as quickly as possible. 

This ensures that workers can walk away from the application process with confidence, understanding, and a higher likelihood of advocating for the UI system in their own communities.

Navigation help does not mean that UMOS will complete online applications “for” a UI applicant, but that staff will coach and instruct them to do so on their own behalf.

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UMOS’ Unempoyment Insurance Navigator Program is funded by:

The Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development