Migrant and seasonal head start program

Migrant and Seasonal Head Start

Migrant and seasonal farmworkers and their families often live in rural areas, work long hours, and follow crop planting and harvest schedules, meaning they may move across the country several times a year and are far from home and family. Because of this, support structures may be hard to come by, and parents must make hard decisions about caring for their children. With no other options, some children accompany their parents to the job site, which may be dangerous or hazardous to children.

To provide support to these families, UMOS offers education services that meet their specific needs and facilitates school readiness, enabling parents to focus on earning a good living to support their families while fostering a healthy learning environment for children.

Migrant and seasonal farmworkers and their families

UMOS serves families in Wisconsin, Missouri, Northeast Arkansas, and South Texas, and provides:

  • Early childhood development and education
  • Nutritious food at mealtimes
  • Access to healthcare, dental, and mental health services
  • Family engagement and parental involvement services

These services are responsive and appropriate to each child’s and each family’s development, culture, linguistic heritage, and experience.

Services are provided to children ages 6 weeks through 5 years in a center-based design for 9 to 12 hours a day, including weekends when peak harvest season hits.

Migrant and Seasonal Head Start services allow parents the ability to continue the demanding agricultural work while their children are in a safe, nurturing, high-quality, early childhood education program, rather than in the fields.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible?

UMOS provides free childcare and educational services for infants and children 6 weeks of age to 5.11 or compulsory age and pregnant women.

Are there any costs?

UMOS services are free for eligible children whose family primary income derives from farm/agriculture work.  Agriculture work includes but is not limited to field work, canneries, farms, nurseries, slaughterhouses, poultry, cotton, hatcheries, forestry, crops, aquaculture, breeding, dairy, or feeding animals.

Does UMOS provide transportation?

UMOS provides free transportation.

What are the program’s hours of operation?

Hours of operation depend on the needs of the families enrolled, however UMOS standard hours are Monday through Friday from about 7:30am to 3 pm.

How will my child benefit from participating in this program?

Our goal is to provide a safe, nurturing, comprehensive and high-quality services designed to prepare children for school, to prepare families to support their children’s learning, to prepare schools to be ready for our MSHS children so farmworkers families can work while knowing that their children are safe.

UMOS offers school readiness program, nutrition program, health services, services and support to families, parenthood activities, services for children with disabilities, including free meals, diapers, formula and much more.  Families with children who have special needs, including severe disabilities are encouraged to apply.

For more information about UMOS Migrant and Seasonal Head Start Program:

UMOS Migrant and Seasonal Head Start services are funded by:

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction