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Health Promotions

UMOS’ Health Promotions provides harm reduction, Opioid overdose prevention, syringe support services, safer sex supplies, HIV and Hepatitis C rapid testing, and advises policy on tobacco and nicotine use prevention.

Harm Reduction Services

UMOS provides syringe exchange services, free HIV and Hepatitis C testing and counseling, NARCAN training and distribution, wound care, and overdose prevention.

The syringe exchange program empowers people to use safely and decreases the transmission of HIV and Hepatitis C by properly disposing of used syringes out of the community and reducing the likelihood that people who inject drugs will share syringes. Studies show syringe programs decrease Hepatitis C transmission by as much as 50%, and HIV transmission by as much as 80%.

NARCAN training and distribution plays an integral role in saving the life of a person who experiences an opioid overdose. Intervention with NARCAN, or naloxone, can reverse the symptoms of an overdose, and give the person a second chance in seeking help.

Tobacco and Nicotine


UMOS is the home to the WI Hispanic/LatinX Tobacco Prevention Network (coalition) that advises on policy, provides retailer compliance checks (WI WINS), FACT youth groups, and tobacco cessation resources and referrals.

WHLTPN distributes culturally appropriate & health literate tobacco-related information & resources to the Hispanic/Latino community in the Milwaukee area and across the state of Wisconsin. Additionally, WHLTPN advises Wisconsin legislators about issues facing the community regarding tobacco and vaping products.

UMOS does not provide any type of quit smoking materials or counseling at this time. The focus of WHLTPN is on policy, advocacy, legislation, and coalition building.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are all services free of charge?

Yes, all services are free of charge.

What days are you open to the public and where are you located?

We are open to the public Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 9am-4pm.
UMOS Health Promotions Syringe Exchange program is located at 2701 S Chase Ave. (Suite E-Back of Building) Milwaukee, WI 53207.

How do syringe exchange services decrease transmission of HIV /Hep C?

Syringe exchange programs decrease the transmission of HIV and Hepatitis C by reducing the likelihood that people will share syringes and other drug use equipment,
and by collecting used syringes from the community for proper disposal, decreasing Hepatitis C transmission up to 50%, and HIV transmission up to 80%.

Do you deliver harm reduction supplies?

We provide delivery services for Harm reduction supplies Monday-Thursday from 9am-4pm

Do syringe exchange programs encourage drug use?

No. After decades of scientific research, the evidence shows that syringe exchange programs do not lead to an increase in drug use and are effective in reducing risky behaviors related to drug use.

Can I make an appointment for services?

Appointments can be made for services; people can call the main number 414-389-6507

For more information about UMOS Health Promotions:

Harm reduction supply delivery hours:

Monday-Thursday from 9am-4pm


2701 S Chase Ave

Suite E (Back of Building)
Milwaukee, WI 53207

Open to the public:

Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 9am-4pm

Health Promotions services are funded by:

Wisconsin Department of Health Services