Procurement: Doing Business with UMOS

UMOS believes strongly in seeking proposals from a broad-based and diverse array of suppliers, firms, and contractors. The organization’s goal is to select the best price and value for goods and services on behalf of its clientele and funding partners. UMOS encourages solicitations from all backgrounds, including bids from minority-owned, tribal-owned, veteran-owned, and women-owned businesses.

Periodically, UMOS posts Requests For Bids (RFBs) and Requests For Qualifications (RFQs) on its website for goods and services. Please check back frequently for opportunities to submit a bid.

Current Request For Bids/Qualifications:

Security Services RFB:

UMOS, Inc. is soliciting bids from licensed firms interested in providing armed security services, primarily for the property located at 2701 S. Chase Ave., Milwaukee, WI 53207.

Feasibility Assessment for Flexible Work Models RFQ:

UMOS, Inc. is seeking qualified vendors to evaluate the feasibility of implementing flexible work models within our organization. We are interested in exploring options such as a four-day work week, hybrid remote work, and other flexible or modified schedules.