Workforce Development Division



UMOS is the largest nonprofit workforce development contractor with the State of Wisconsin.

The Workforce Development Division consists of Wisconsin Works (W-2) Transitional Jobs,
Transform Milwaukee Jobs Program, TechHire and the National Farmworker Jobs Program.

The UMOS One-Stop Job Center Affiliate remains the hub of the Workforce Development Division.
The job center is funded with several warp-around programs that takes into consideration a job
seeker’s “total picture,” to better provide comprehensive services.






Photo of UMOS Job Center

The UMOS One-Stop Job Center Affiliate, located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, serves employers large and small, job seekers, program participants and the general community by providing easy access to a customer-driven, comprehensive, array of integrated employment, educational, skills training, on-the-job experiences and economic development services.
Over 260,000 individuals will walk through our job center doors each year.
The UMOS One-Stop Job Center Affiliate is a collaboration of public entities, federal and state government funding sources, as well as city and county government all committed to delivering a performance-based workforce development system.


A proud partner of the

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UMOS One Workforce – TechStars




TechStars worker


Click here to apply online for the One Workforce- TechStars program

The UMOS One Workforce TechStars Program provides advanced technology training to build competitive skillset for today’s job market.

The competitive program provides hands-on, rigorous training in technology-based training, expandable to stackable credentialing in web development, software application development, cyber-security, and medical coding.
For participants, benefits include a flexible learning environment, virtual training options, access to competitive, industry recognized certifications, an enhanced portfolio for more marketability, as well as direct connection to potential employers.

For employers, the benefit includes vetting, training a skilled workforce through a rigorous onboarding process: recruitment, screening, and training, creating a cost savings and pipeline to potential employees. Employees are provided with coaching and support a year into employment at no cost.


When I counsel my program participants, I tell them, “When you limit your mind, you eliminate your potential for greatness.”

Juan Casso

One Workforce-TechStars Business Relationship Coordinator, UMOS


Focus on Employers

UMOS One Workforce-TechStars offers customized services to meet employer demand for a highly tech-skilled workforce.


Individualized Training Techniques

One Workforce-TechStars offers various individualized training solutions to maximize learning:

  • Remote Instruction: training from any location with an internet connection throughout the State of Wisconsin
  • Use of Business platforms: Web conferencing, Pluralsight, Clip Training, Microsoft Teams, etc.
  • Technical support through virtual workgroup sessions


Flexible Learning Environment:

  • Both Online and classroom-based offered
  • UMOS Technology Training Center access available at no cost, located in Milwaukee


Benefits of Training:

  • Self-paced
  • Remote Instructional Support
  • No Cost to Participants
  • Industry recognized standard certifications
  • Direct connection to potential employers & onboarding assistance


Admission Requirements:

  • Do you have an interest in advancing your career in the field of Information Technology or career in the field of Information Technology or making a career change?
  • Authorized to work in the United States
  • High school or GED/HSED graduate
  • Successful completion of pre-screener
  • Wisconsin resident
  • Veteran/Spouse of Veteran priority for admission


Contact our office (414) 389-6428 or (414) 389-6427
for eligibility in One Workforce – TechStars.
To see if you qualify for reduced cost internet:
UMOS One Workforce is funded in whole $3,926,880.00 by the US Department of Labor/Employment & Training is an equal opportunity service program.



Construction workers


Funded by the Wisconsin Department of Children and Families, UMOS’ Transitional Jobs (TJ) programs service the following areas:

  • Transform Milwaukee Jobs (TMJ) – Milwaukee County
  • TJ Rural Northeast – Menominee, Langlade, Forest, & Florence Counties
  • TJ Urban Bay Area – Brown, Marinette, Oconto, Outagamie & Winnebago Counties
  • TJ Urban Southeast – Racine County
  • TJ Urban South – Kenosha County

For contact information in each service area, please go to our Locations page.

UMOS’ Transitional Jobs programming helps eligible participants progress from unemployment, to assisted (subsidized) employment, to self-sufficiency (unsubsidized) employment. The programs offer immediate work with pay and include job coaching, employability planning, life skills development, limited vocational training, as well as job search assistance.

For the TMJ Program, UMOS partners with Milwaukee Urban League, Northcott Neighborhood House, and Silver Spring Neighborhood Center to deliver services. The entire TJ partnership network includes workforce development organizations, tribal entities, as well as employers that serve as worksites and/or hire participants outright.


General Program Requirements:

TMJ/TJ Participant/Candidate
  • Must reside in one of UMOS’ service areas
  • Must be at least 18 years old at time of enrollment
  • Childless adults age 18 to 24: Not required to be under a child support order, a child welfare reunification plan, or have been involved in the criminal justice system
  • Adults age 18 to 24 with children: MUST have a child support order, be under a reunification plan, or have been involved in the criminal justice system; or be a youth in foster care and expected to age out of care, or have aged out of foster care
  • Adults age 25 years and older: MUST be the biological or adoptive parent of child under age 18; or the relative & primary caregiver of child under age 18 years
  • Must have been unemployed for the last 4 consecutive weeks prior to enrollment
  • Must have an annual household income below 150% of federal poverty guideline for household size
  • Must be ineligible to receive unemployment insurance
  • Must not be participating in a Wisconsin Works (W-2) employment position

Employer Worksite

  • Must interview candidate(s) and may select the most appropriate person
  • Must provide adequate supervision
  • Must provide a work opportunity that offers skills development and/or training in a demand occupation
  • Must provide at least 20 hours of work per week, but no more than 40 hours per week
  • Must report hours worked to UMOS on a predetermined schedule
  • Must maintain contact with UMOS in an effort to enhance the success of the TJ worker
  • May be for profit, nonprofit or public sector
  • Has no obligation to retain the TJ worker beyond the subsidized employment period
  • Must NOT use a TJ worker to supplant regular/laid-off/on strike employees of same position

The TMJ and TJ Programs are equal opportunity programs.
Auxiliary aids and services are available upon request to individuals with disabilities.



The W-2 program is employer focused, yet is consistent with a job seeker’s interests and goals. The program builds on the strengths and skills of job seekers, while maintaining a focus on the needs of employers.
UMOS is the only remaining nonprofit Wisconsin Works (W-2) contractor since the program’s inception in 1997. The W-2 program is still working.
In 2018 and 2019, UMOS served 4,308 program participants. Over 1,700 were successfully placed into employment for 90 days or more, earning an average wage of $11.21 in 2019, a 7.9% increase over 2018.



Dimitri Topitzes is an associate professor of social work at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UWM), Helen Bader School of Social Welfare. Topitzes and John Mersky, a Helen Bader School professor of social work, are experts in developing mental health assessment tools and in working with social welfare agencies to implement practices that better serve clients with mental health issues.


It was only after using one of their mental health assessment tools that I realized my client had suffered beatings and sexual assault.

Enilda Burgos

Case Worker, UMOS

After that Burgos better understood her client’s situation and was in a better position to provide the needed assistance.

UMOS is the only W-2 agency partnering with the UWM.

The W-2 Program is funded by the Wisconsin Department of Children and Families.


W-2 Staff getting Award

Eloise Anderson (right), former Secretary, Department of Children and Families, recently presented UMOS staff with the number one performance award among Milwaukee W-2 agencies.

Meeting with Kevin Carr

Kevin Carr (center), Secretary, Wisconsin Department of Corrections, meets with UMOS staff on the merits of re-entry skills training programs before inmates are released.


The National Farmworker Jobs Program (NFJP) is a program created by Congress in response to the chronic seasonal unemployment and underemployment experienced by migrant and seasonal farmworkers (MSFWs). The program is operated in Illinois, Missouri, and Wisconsin.

The NFJP provides funding to help MSFWs and their families achieve economic self-sufficiency by offering supportive services while working in agriculture or by helping them acquire new skills for jobs offering higher sustainable wages. Services under this program include training and career services, youth services, housing services and supportive services.
Some career pathways selected by participants include Commercial Driver’s License (CDL), Welding, Heavy Equipment, Crane Operator, Electrical Linemen, Associates in Criminal Justice, Certified Nursing Assistants, and Farm Equipment Mechanic.
The National Farmworker Jobs Program is funded by the U.S. Department of Labor.


Although our program is small within UMOS, our staff make big impacts, life changing impacts, with the farmworkers we are proud to serve.

Shirley Avilés

Farmworker Programs Manager, UMOS


Eligibility Requirements:

  • Verifiable farmworker within the past 2 years, 51% of that time worked or wages earned must be from farmwork. (Farmwork: worked in crops, tree farming, nurseries, dairy, fishery, poultry, cotton gins, canneries, fruit and vegetable packing, work with fur-bearing animals, etc.)
  • Legally authorized to work in the United States. (US Citizen, Permanent Resident, DACA, etc.)
  • If male and over 18 years or older, must be registered with the Selective Service.
  • You and/or your family is low income. (receiving public assistance or un/underemployed)

If you think that you may be eligible, please click here to complete the online form 
or call 1-800-279-8667 in Wisconsin or 1-866-789-4870 in Missouri to get more information.






UMOS continued to provide GED classroom instruction and testing services to high school students and members of the community seeking more education to unlock employment opportunities. Although the number of tested students was lower than in 2017, UMOS remained competitive among GED testing sites.

UMOS ranked 6th among 129 testing centers based on the total exams taken. UMOS administered 1,456 exams in 2018, divided between GED and professional tests.
UMOS continued to be the main testing services center for Milwaukee’s southside community and the testing center of choice for Milwaukee Public Schools. UMOS graduated 111 students in 2018.
UMOS also provided English as a Second Language (ESL) classes to job seekers and other members of the community from around the world. GED and ESL services are located within the UMOS Job Center.






Child at dentist's offfice

UMOS helps employers meet their workforce needs by hosting job fairs, assisting with direct employee recruitment, and providing other support to companies without cost.

UMOS recognizes that in order to help job seekers be successful, the agency must build and maintain strong, positive relationships with the employer community. As such, UMOS has on staff experienced Employment Consultants who are charged with developing those relationships, marketing job seekers and UMOS programs, and providing support to assist companies with filling their workforce needs.

UMOS offers the following services to employers at no cost, leaving more for their bottom line:

  • Job Fair Coordination and Hosting Services
  • Direct On-site Recruitments
  • Job Candidate Screening
  • Customized Skills Training Opportunities
  • Retention Support for New Hires
  • Information on Business Tax Credits to Employers
  • Subsidized Employment Opportunities



Children playing in classroom

The UMOS Child Care Drop Off Center is open Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.. Participants in the Wisconsin Works (W-2) Program or parents applying for Energy Assistance can drop off their children so they can focus on their immediate needs. Children can stay in the center for a maximum of 2 hours.

UMOS provides a family-oriented working environment, which makes it easier to provide services to the community in a family-oriented way.

Lisa Montoto-Pallen

W-2 Supervisor, UMOS

Computers with educational programs, games, books, art and other educational activities are provided during a child’s stay. Snacks are also provided.
The Child Care Drop Off Center has 5 teachers; 4 teachers have 20+ years of experience in child care. Staff members are fully trained and meet all mandatory continuing education requirements, including first aid with choking, as well as adult CPR/AED.
The UMOS child-care drop off center served 4,200 children over a one-year period.




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