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Ana assisting client

"Without your help, I have no doubt I may have frozen to death. I am so grateful for what I received as there was no one else I could have turned to for help! I am a 73-year-old with many medical problems and truly would not have survived without your help and kindness. Again, thank for helping me."

-Bonnie Meyer


The Wisconsin Home Energy Assistance Program (WHEAP) administers the federally funded Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) and Public Benefits Energy Assistance Program.

Services are provided locally through county social services offices and UMOS is sub-contracted by the County of Milwaukee and the County of Kenosha, which receives the funding from the Wisconsin Home Energy Assistance Program and Public Benefits Assistance Program. The Energy Assistance Program provides qualified county residents with a one-time annual payment to make energy (heating and electric) bills more affordable.

2016-17 Income Guidelines

The funding pays a portion of energy costs, but the payment is not intended to cover the entire energy costs of a residence. The amount of the energy assistance payment varies depending on a variety of factors, including the household’s size, income and energy costs. In most cases the energy assistance benefit is paid directly to the household’s energy supplier.

Residents of Milwaukee and Kenosha County households with a utility burden and are under 60% of the State Median income may be eligible for the Energy Assistance Program and Weatherization services between October 1 and May 15.

Crisis assistance is also available to clients who are facing a disconnection of utility services. To receive crisis assistance, clients must commit to a payment arrangement with their local utility provider, as well as meet the state and county requirements for payment contributions.

In addition, WHEAP heating system assistance can provide services to eligible home owners if the furnace or boiler stops operating. Heating system assistance includes payment for repairs, or in some situations, a residence may qualify for a total replacement of a non-operating furnace or boiler.

In Milwaukee County, WE Energies, Milwaukee County’s utility, UMOS, and other agencies and partners are part of the Milwaukee County Steering Committee for LIHEAP.

From October 2015-September 2016, Milwaukee County Assistance Program, through LIHEAP, served 54,449 households, with UMOS serving 21,779 of those households.

During the same period 56,205 households received Public Benefits (electric benefits) with UMOS assisting 22,284 of those households.

In Kenosha County, from October 2015 through September 2016, UMOS assisted 6,752 households in applying for Energy Assistance, of which 6,112 qualified for benefits. The benefits received totaled $2,911,608.

UMOS provided crisis services to 1,475 households. The benefits received totaled $429,437. There was a 16.8% decrease in households served, but an $18,859 increase in benefits received.

UMOS also provided 81 heating unit repairs and 131 replacements.

By visiting online at clients have easy access to the Milwaukee scheduling system and may set up same day appointments, as well as regular appointments to complete their Energy Assistance Applications. Recipients also have the option of visiting any of the Energy Assistance locations in Milwaukee to complete their applications.

UMOS is providing Energy Assistance in Milwaukee and Kenosha County. For more information please go to:
DHHS Energy Assistance logo

To call for an appointment in Milwaukee: 414-27-4-MKE (414-270-4653)
Office location: 2701 South Chase Avenue (UMOS Center)

To call for an appointment on the South Side of Milwaukee: 414-27-4-MKE (414-270-4653)
Office location: 5663 S. 27th St.

To call for an appointment in West Allis: 414-27-4-MKE (414-270-4653)
Office location: 6761 W. Greenfield Avenue

To call for an appointment in Kenosha County: 262-657-2170
Office location: 1330 52nd Street (Inside the Boys & Girls Club building)

Hours: Monday - Friday, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm