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Instructions for Applying for a Job On-line:

  1. Click below on "Job Application" or "Job Application for Texas" to download the PDF version of the UMOS Application. Then save the application to your computer and name the file using your name, the date, and the position that you are applying for. Fill out the application by typing in your information and saving the file.

    Job Application               Job Application for Texas

  2. Type your Name, E-mail, and Phone Number into the boxes in the form to the right. A UMOS representative will be able to give you a confirmation notice once your application has been received.

  3. Type a message or a cover letter in "Message" box (This is optional).

  4. Click on "Upload Job Application" and select the UMOS Job Application PDF that you filled out and saved.

  5. Click on "Upload Resume" and select your resume file. The file must be in Word or PDF format. You can also attach an additional cover letter and upload it here.

  6. Click on "Submit" at the very bottom of the form, to submit your application. You will be sent a confirmation e-mail to the e-mail address you provide.