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Latina Resource Center

The UMOS Latina Resource Center provides comprehensive, culturally and linguistically supportive services and advocacy to adults, youth and children impacted by domestic violence, dating violence and sexual assault.


  • Bilingual Crisis Intervention
  • Bilingual Domestic Violence Advocacy
  • Bilingual Sexual Assault Advocacy
  • Expect Respect Teen Dating Violence and Sexual Assault Prevention Program
  • Casa de Paz Transitional Housing Program
  • Children Who Witness Domestic Violence Services
  • Children’s Sexual Assault Groups
  • Adult Sexual Assault Survivors Support Groups
  • Domestic Violence Survivors Support Groups

The UMOS Latina Resource Center touched the lives of 1000 adults, youth and children through the culturally and linguistically specific intervention and prevention programs, outreach efforts, and community presentations. Nine-hundred, forty youth received education, resources and support through the Expect Respect Teen Dating Violence Prevention Program, SafeTeens Leadership and dating violence community outreach and community presentations.

Funding Sources

  • Office of Justice Assistance-STOP Violence Against Women Formula Grant
  • United Way-Healthy Girls Initiative
  • Department of Justice-Office on Violence Against Women Transitional Housing Grant
  • Jane Bradley Pettit Foundation
  • Office of Justice Department-Sexual Assault Services Victims Grant
  • Department of Children and Family Services
  • Center for Self Sufficiency
  • Safe Youth Alternative Grant

Brides Walk against Domestic Violence Annual Community Organizing Program

The Brides Walk calls attention to domestic violence in the Latino community. It engages victims of violence proactively and promotes action against domestic violence, and broadens support and visibility of the work of the UMOS Latina Resource Center.

The UMOS Latina Resource Center held the 6th Annual Brides Walk Against Domestic Violence Event on September 10, 2011 engaging more than 200 women, men, youth and children to speak-out and boldly send a message that violence against women and in the home must end.

Brides Walk 2011 major sponsors included Congresswoman Gwen Moore, Northwestern Mutual Foundation, Women’s Fund of Greater Milwaukee, and Tres Hermanos Restaurant.

The Planning Committee consists of members of the Latino community, domestic violence organizations, congressional staff members, local elected officials and survivors of domestic violence.

UMOS Latina Resource Center funding sources include:

  • Office of Justice Assistance
  • Office of Justice Department-Victims of Crime
  • Jane Bradley Pettit Foundation
  • Center for Self Sufficiency-Healthy Marriage Initiative