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Social Services Overview

Health Promotion /Disease Prevenion

The goal of the UMOS Health Promotion/Disease Prevention component is to promote and provide access to culturally appropriate and language specific, comprehensive health promotion and disease prevention, intervention and treatment services. UMOS provided the following services on a national, statewide and local basis.


The UMOS housing department began in response to the chronic need experienced by migrant workers coming to Wisconsin. Many migrant workers experienced homelessness early in each season, and UMOS' supportive services often became overburdened as a result. In response, UMOS sought a more systemic solution to the migrant housing issue by developing farm labor housing for migrant families.

Thus, UMOS began its expansion of housing activities that has included efforts to impact the total spectrum of housing needs for its service populations, including not only provision of supportive services, but the development of physical assets for housing and other service delivery, advocacy, education for renters and home-buyers and home financing. The goal of the UMOS Housing Department is to provide a continuum of services that will impact the full spectrum of need experienced by the people we serve.

Latina Resource Center

The UMOS Latina Resource Center is the only center in Wisconsin that provides domestic violence supportive services specifically targeted to Hispanic women.