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UMOS, a non-profit advocacy organization, provides programs and services which improve the employment, educational, health and housing opportunities of under-served populations.

Childhood Development

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Child Development Services Philosophy

UMOS programs are designed around the needs of migrant and seasonal farm-working families by offering a wide variety of services to families and services between 9 to 11 hours, including wrap around services and in some instances weekend care to best support the needs associated with agricultural work. Communities, families and children have historically been at the center of UMOS core commitments. The Head Start mission has been to enhance communities by supporting positive family functioning, helping parents to development positive parenting skil ls, and assisting young children in developing strong school readiness skills. UMOS is committed to providing environments and opportunities that allow families and children to develop to their full potential, thus contributing to a positive future for themselves and the communities in which they live.

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